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Managed IT for Results

IT is a critical component in today’s successful businesses. SaviorLabs provides proactive, dedicated support specifically designed for your organization’s needs. All at a price that you can afford.



Right sizing


Proactive Management




Easy to Use


Anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware

DNS security





Patching and Updates


“SaviorLabs is an invaluable extension of my company. They are willing to grow the computer and IT systems with each step of my business. I appreciate their patience, honesty and trustworthiness.”

Darcia Tremblay, Silver Lining Solutions, Inc.



Your employees are likely your most expensive asset. Controlling your IT resources is critical to your employee’s effectiveness in today’s market. You need to take control of your technology so that it accomplishes your businesses tasks. From what hardware and software will do the best job to what computers are the right choice. Plus, you need to have guaranteed, reliable, off-site backups that will survive direct attacks from virus, malware, spyware or ransomware. Tie this up with a bow of proactive management and you have what you need.


Being able to get what needs to be done done is critical – how can I make my employees more efficient? Addressing the speed and effectiveness and the functionality of your technology will make systems easier to use. We do this by choosing the right physical systems but also optimizing the software required to succeed.


Security is a huge concern for every business. From losing competitive confidential information to allowing unauthorized access to personal information that can result in business ending lawsuits. You need to have a security plan, policy and procedures in place to prevent your data from being exploited. We do this by ensuring that you have the best managed anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware and DNS security. We can also implement encryption for data that might be in “the cloud” to ensure that only the right eyes have access to it.


Having technology is not an end to itself – you need it to work for your employees to do their job! We ensure that your systems are reliable by choosing the hardware with the right support. We continuously monitor all the systems we manage and we proactively update and patch both the operating systems and software on a 24×7 basis. Frequently, we fix things well before anyone even know there was an issue.

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